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Jobs for Newport held a press conference this afternoon in the front lobby of Newport Grand and unveiled some new developments for the proposed casino and entertainment center.  Speakers included Jobs for Newport partner Joe Paolino, Newport Comedies Joe Rocco, and project architect John Grosvenor.  With accompanying imagery, Paolino announced that along with the 40 million dollar investment into the building that is currently Newport Grand, additional development will add an outdoor tent / event center for concerts and an Olympic sized skating rink housed within the parking area.  Emphasis for these new additions to the already existing plan were attributed to the recent sale of the Newport Yachting Center event facility in downtown and the new facility owner’s announcement that they will not be continuing the myriad events that take place there.  All of these plans are contingent on the outcome of the vote whether or not to allow table games at Newport Grand on November 4th.  

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