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Pawtucket Mayor To Investigate Police Major's Work Schedule

Pawtucket Mayor Don Grebien says the city will investigate a news outlet's report that a police officer went golfing and did other personal activities while he was listed as working.

Grebien told the Hummel Report  "there's no excuse" for reports of Maj. Bruce Moreau's personal activities. The mayor says there's a pattern that officials need to examine.

Moreau, a nearly 30-year police veteran, denies golfing on a work day. He says he has an alternate work schedule when he sometimes leaves early and comes in late.

The Hummel Report says Moreau spent hours with his father at lunch and golfing one day in October and did some work, claiming overtime.

The report says his salary this year was $82,283 and he also was paid nearly $20,000 in overtime.



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