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Six University of Rhode Island students were arrested Sunday night after the New England Patriots won the Super Bowl.

University police received a report about 10:30 p.m. that students on campus were gathering to celebrate the victory.

The group had grown to about 800 students, and some students starting throwing snowballs and other objects, university officials said, prompting URI police to seek assistance from other departments. South Kingstown police responded with four officers and Narragansett police sent three. Seven State Police troopers also responded.

A South Kingstown police officer badly sprained his wrist during the incident. Another South Kingstown police officer was hit in the back of the head with a full can of beer. One URI police officer suffered a minor cut, and another was hit in the leg with a bottle or can of beer. Other officers were hit with snowballs and blocks of ice. URI’s EMS ambulance was pelted with snowballs, ice and other items, police and university officials said.

Police said up to eight lights on the “Elephant Walk” were damaged and a Ronzio’s Pizza delivery car was damaged. Otherwise, police said, damage to the campus was not extensive. By midnight, the gathering had been dispersed and the campus was quiet, police said.


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