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Lawmakers Consider Protections Against Identity Theft,Cyberstalking

Lawmakers say they're trying to confront changing technology by proposing new protections against identity theft, amending the definition of cyberstalking and making it a crime to access another person's computer to view confidential information.

Sen. Louis DiPalma of Middletown proposed amending the identity theft protection act to require stronger encryption methods for personal information, among other changes, saying the methods have been developed since the act was last updated.

Rep. Kathleen Fogarty proposed considering a single act as cyberstalking rather than just a pattern of conduct.

Rep. Robert Craven says people are accessing computers in ways the computer crime law never anticipated.

The state attorney general's spokeswoman says the laws need to address how technology is being used while the Rhode Island ACLU opposes the cyberstalking and computer crime bills.





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