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The Newport Daily News reports that the District 11 Senate seat is staying in Republican hands.

After he picked up an additional 50-vote advantage through absentee and emergency ballots, Republican John. Pagliarini Jr. officially won the election to replace former Sen. Christopher. Ottiano..

The total 120-vote margin represents 4.7 percent of the 2,564 votes cast, which precludes Democrat James A. Seveney from requesting a recount.

The state Board of Elections counted 198 absentee and emergency ballots at its Providence headquarters on Wednesday night. Pagliarini picked up 124 of those votes to Seveney’s 74.

A total of 270 people had applied for mail-in ballots, but not all were turned in.

Independent candidate Gregory Blythe received 28 votes in the election despite the fact that he dropped out of the race in December.

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