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(Undated)  --  Here is the latest news: Governor McKee's administration is announcing new details of a COVID vaccine mandate for Rhode Island healthcare workers.  One person was killed and another injured in a shooting in Central Falls last night.  Former Fall River mayor Jasiel Correia [[ JAY-seel core-RAY-uh ]] is being sentenced to prison.

>>Coronavirus Death Toll In Rhode Island: 2,816

(Providence, RI)  --  The state of Rhode Island reported one new coronavirus death on Tuesday.  The pandemic death toll for the Ocean State increased to two-thousand-816.  The number of new virus cases reported in RI yesterday was three-hundred-29.

>>Update To RI's COVID Vaccine Mandate For Healthcare Workers

(Providence, RI)  --  Rhode Island Governor Dan McKee's administration is working to prevent any disruption that could potentially be caused by a COVID-19 vaccinate mandate for healthcare workers.  The vaccination deadline is October 1st, but the state now says employers can take an additional month to replace any unvaccinated worker with one that is fully vaccinated if there is a risk to quality of care.  McKee says the vast majority of healthcare workers in the Ocean State have already gotten the shot.

>>Researchers Looking Into 'Long COVID' In Youths

(Undated)  --  Researchers at Hasbro Children's Hospital and Brown University are involved in a new effort to study the long-term health effects of COVID-19.  This will specifically focus on the impact of "long COVID" on infants, children and adolescents.  The other participants are Virginia Commonwealth University, New York University, Northeastern U. and the Translational Genomics Research Institute.  Dr. Sean Deoni of Hasbro Hospital says while children appear to be resilient against the disease and are much less likely to have severe illness or death, researchers don't know how the virus impacts their long-term health and development, which is something that needs to be quickly answered.

>>Deadly Shooting In Central Falls

(Central Falls, RI)  --  One person is dead after a shooting in Central Falls Tuesday night.  The shooting reportedly happened near a basketball court off of Sacred Heart Avenue at around 9 p.m.  A second victim was found injured nearby and was taken to a hospital.  Police are investigating.

>>Fatal Motorcycle Crash In Glocester

(Glocester, RI)  --  A motorcyclist was involved in a fatal crash in Glocester overnight Tuesday.  The victim was identified as Nicholas Harris of Glocester.  Authorities say Harris lost control of his motorcycle on Route 44 at around 12:30 a.m.  Reports indicate he was not wearing a helmet and suffered serious head injuries.

>>Former Fall River Mayor Correia Sentenced To Prison

(Boston, MA)  --  Former Fall River, Massachusetts mayor Jasiel Correia [[ JAY-seel core-RAY-uh ]] is sentenced to six years in federal prison for public corruption while he was in office.  Correia was convicted earlier this year for a scheme to extort money from marijuana companies seeking to do business in Fall River.  A federal judge in Boston called Correia's actions reprehensible before handing down the prison sentence on Tuesday.

>>Ethics Commission Fines One Former Governor Chief Of Staff, Investigates Another

(Providence, RI)  --  The Rhode Island Ethics Commission is fining Brett Smiley, the former chief of staff for ex-governor Gina Raimondo, for campaign finance violations.  Smiley, who also served as the director of the RI Department of Administration, agreed to pay out 45-hundred dollars on Tuesday for soliciting contributions from state vendors to his election campaign for Providence mayor.  Smiley said he never knowingly solicited vendors and said he never discussed state contracts with donors.  The ethics commission also voted yesterday to investigate former chief of staff for Governor McKee, Anthony Silva, over allegations that he improperly tried to influence a wetlands development in his hometown of Cumberland.

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