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September 26, 2022











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Seniors prefer a good life, over a lengthy one, says AARP survey





Writer on aging issues, HERB WEISS, reviews what seniors told AARP for its survey on health, how long we want to live, and defining a "good life".









This New Year - Confronting Antisemitism Together





Providence College and the Jewish Alliance of RI have been working together to promote dialogue and understanding... As Rosh Hashanah begins, we debut this year's event..





If you don't ask... you don't get...





Business leadership writer, MARY T. O'SULLIVAN emphasizes how important our business future is... and how we should not assume others know what we want. 





Our Networking Pick of the Week





Network again!  With Pat Cruz events at The Loft, NYLO Hotel in Warwick... 





Gimme' Shelter - Meet Nacho Cheese





Pretty Nacho Cheese is waiting at the Providence Animal Control Center - do you have a forever home?





Central Falls Health Fair TUESDAY







Survey of the Day Results








Did you know?



In 2020, all workers aged 18 and older with earnings made different average yearly salaries based on their education level.


• People with a bachelor’s degree made approximately $73,000.

• High school graduates and GED recipients made about $39,000.

• Those with an education below ninth grade made nearly $32,000





Acclaimed RI Author

J. J. Partridge





RI News Today's contributing writer, J. J. Partridge has a new book - Under Blood Moons - click on the ad, above, to learn more about this book, and his other three.





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