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Enough is a Enough, RI Health Insurance Commissioner Talks, $50M Green Bond



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September 27, 2022











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In the news... quick summary for 9/27





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Enough is enough:  Bad behavior in school sports - an Op-Ed





The RI Interscholastic League is asking for the help of all of us - parents, students, coaches, staff - in calming behavior at school sports - because staffing is at a critical shortage.





RI Health Insurance Commissioner  - and "next generation" standards





Writer RICHARD ASINOF talks with Patrick Tigue, RI's Health Insurance Commissioner - big changes proposed to meet needs.





RI's $50M Green Bond - event TODAY





Toward a more resilient Rhode Island - bond #3 has a lot in it - we have a summary.





Central Falls Health Fair TODAY







Survey of the Day Results








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In Rhode Island, there are an estimated 250 species of bee, most of which are solitary bees that don't have a queen or make honey.


?Bees do sting other bees. They usually only do this when they feel threatened or they're protecting their territory.





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J. J. Partridge





RI News Today's contributing writer, J. J. Partridge has a new book - Under Blood Moons - click on the ad, above, to learn more about this book, and his other three.





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