Straight Talk Money - Mike Robertson, Chase Robertson, and Peggy Tuck
Straight Talk Money - Mike Robertson, Chase Robertson, and Peggy Tuck
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Straight Talk Money

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Sheltering the homeless, ART!, Ron & Jen's Great Escape and more.



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November 2, 2022











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"This year is a game changer"

Hotel rooms, a hospital, and a warehouse... in mix for homeless





UPDATE: we follow up with new programs to address the homeless crisis - from Westerly to Pawtucket - see just some of the emergency "solutions". 









Meet the Pawtucket Hall of Fame Class of 2022





Meet the new class!  Event set for Friday, Nov. 4th at the Pawtucket Armory.





ART!  Vibrant Life at the Woonasquatucket Watershed





Come see the beautiful art - stay for the art auction to benefit the Woonasquatucket Watershed.





Ron & Jen's Great Escape





Commentary on the passing Rhode Island scene with RON ST. PIERRE & JEN BRIEN.





Senior Agenda Coalition of RI

November 18th







Operation Stand Down RI

? needs our help for Thanksgiving... 







Survey of the Day Results?

Tiny houses for homeless?







Did you know?



Westerly, RI was once renowned for its own species of Westerly salmon, three of which are on the town's official seal.


It was also famous for its granite and stone-cutting industry, which quarried a unique stone known as Westerly granite. This pinkish granite is ideal for statuary and has been used in numerous government buildings for several states on the eastern seaboard.





LOST Providence - David Brussat





Rhode Island architecture writer - and RINewsToday contributor - David Brussat  chronicles the trials and triumphs of Providence's urban development. A beautiful, stimulating book - perfect for gift giving.



Purchase LOST Providence HERE





Acclaimed RI Author

J. J. Partridge





RI News Today's contributing writer, J. J. Partridge has a new book - Under Blood Moons - click on the ad, above, to learn more about this book, and his other three.





Buy Michael Fine's book

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Buy Herb Weiss' 2-volume set







Toys for Tots Time

How you can help







Meet Tim Jones at

RI Comic Con Nov. 4-6?






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