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RI Veterans: Did you know?, Samantha Moffat, The Railraod Hobby Show, and more



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January 26, 2023?














?The Railroad Hobby Show - biggest in America. What you need to know to go.





Railroad enthusiast and writer, JEFF GROSS, tells us everything we need to know about railroading as a hobby - he'll be at the big show.












RI Veterans: Did you know?





Questions about health insurance? CHAMPVA, events, resources with veterans' writer, JOHN A. CIANCI. Write John a question and he'll answer.








Sports Profile: Samantha Moffat from Pilgrim High





Sportswriter, JOHN CARDULLO, features a success on and off the field, athlete Samantha Moffat.








Recipe of the Week: Balsamic Butter Chicken





Chef ALISON MOUNTFORD says the combination of butter and balsamic can't be beat for this staple chicken.



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BankRI grants support 23 nonprofits





Supporting our Rhode Island community, BankRI gives out their latest round of grants - see who they support.








Helping families find a place to call home


Irene Mendez - Empire Real Estate Group







Brown Bookstore

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Join Animal Rescue Rhode Island







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Classified Documents?







Did you know?



In 1911 that there were 106 regular stopping places for trains in Rhode Island and 39 flag stops. Station buildings or shelters were reported to number 128.


The Burnside Rifle Company was converted after the Civil War into The Rhode Island Locomotive Works which was prosperous for the first several years selling about a hundred locomotives a year all over the US and Mexico, produced by about 300 to a high of 1,300 employees. 


That area in Providence is now known as  American Locomotive Works.





LOST Providence - David Brussat





Rhode Island architecture writer - and RINewsToday contributor - David Brussat chronicles the trials and triumphs of Providence's urban development. A beautiful, stimulating book - perfect for gift giving.



Purchase LOST Providence HERE





RI Author

Dr. Mari Nardolillo Dias







Acclaimed RI Author

J. J. Partridge





RI News Today's contributing writer, J. J. Partridge has a new book - Under Blood Moons - click on the ad, above, to learn more about this book, and his other three.





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