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Roman's concrete made to last, What make motivations so hard, mental health needs of RI youth and Seniors ask House for Age-Friendly RI budget and more



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February 6, 2023?















An age-friendly Rhode Island needs an age-friendly budget





HERB WEISS, contributing writer on aging issues draws together all the senior groups' comments about the Governor's budget in hopes that the House leadership will add funding for seniors.












The Romans had a recipe for concrete to last forever - today we build for planned obsolescence





Our architecture writer, DAVID BRUSSAT captures research done at MIT into what was in the Romans' concrete that made it last - nearly - forever - while our buildings start crumbling almost immediately.








What makes motivation so hard?





Business leadership writer, MARY T. O'SULLIVAN investigates motivation and why we get stuck on our road to reaching our goals.



Read story here...





Mental health crisis in youth in Washington County - an event is planned





An event to look at data from RI Kids Count report and what it means to children in Washington County.








Our Networking Pick of the Week





Join the Central RI Chamber for your morning coffee and launch your day in Cranston.





Gimme' Shelter - Isobel became homeless when her owners lost their home





Isobel touches our heart - a sweet gentle lady tossed out when her owners lost their own home. Safe and warm at the Providence Animal Control Center - let's get her adopted ASAP.








Helping families find a place to call home


Irene Mendez - Empire Real Estate Group







At the Brown Bookstore





Brown Bookstore





Join Animal Rescue Rhode Island







Survey of the Day - Results

China Spy Balloon







Did you know?



Newport, Rhode Island was founded in 1639 by religious dissidents who believed in the principle of soul liberty: the right of each person to their own religious beliefs. This sense of tolerance was more inclusive than was common anywhere else at the time and was codified in Rhode Island’s royal charter of 1662. Consequently, Newport was extremely religiously diverse, with over a dozen different congregations abiding together by the mid-18th century. (Newport Historical Society)






LOST Providence - David Brussat





Rhode Island architecture writer - and RINewsToday contributor - David Brussat chronicles the trials and triumphs of Providence's urban development. A beautiful, stimulating book - perfect for gift giving.



Purchase LOST Providence HERE





RI Author

Dr. Mari Nardolillo Dias





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Acclaimed RI Author

J. J. Partridge





RI News Today's contributing writer, J. J. Partridge has a new book - Under Blood Moons - click on the ad, above, to learn more about this book, and his other three.



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Buy Michael Fine's books





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Buy Herb Weiss' 2-volume set





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