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Rhode News as of 06/30/20 of 11:00am

Here is the latest news:  The latest COVID-19 data for RI is released.  The Twin River casinos are now open with coronavirus restrictions in place.  The annual Autumnfest in Woonsocket is canceled because of COVID-19. 

>>Latest COVID-19 Data For RI

(Providence, RI)  --   The COVID-19 death toll in Rhode Island is now 950 with four more deaths reported today.  There are 36 newly confirmed cases.  Seventy-four people were hospitalized with 13 in intensive care.

>>Twin River Casinos Reopen With Restrictions

(Undated)  --  The Twin River casinos in Lincoln and Tiverton are open to the general public as of today with COVID-19 restrictions in place.  Patron capacity in Lincoln is capped at 34-hundred and the cap is 900 in Tiverton.  Everyone must have their temperature checked before entry, they must wear face masks and observe social distancing from anyone not in their party.  Hours are ten a.m. to three a.m. and there is no valet parking.

>>Woonsocket's Annual Autumnfest Is Canceled

(Woonsocket, RI)  --  Woonsocket's annual Autumnfest is canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Organizers say because of guidelines and restrictions, it would be nearly impossible to hold the event.  Autumnfest has been held every October for 42 years.

>>Four RI State Campgrounds Now Open

(Providence, RI)  --  Four state campgrounds in Rhode Island are now open daily with COVID-19 restrictions in place.  They include Burlingame State Campground in Charlestown, Charlestown Breachway in Charlestown, Fishermen's Memorial Campground in Narragansett, and George Washington Memorial Campground in Glocester.  Detailed information is available online at the Department of Environmental Management web site. 

>>Rhode Islanders Don't Have To Quarantine In MA

(Boston, MA)  --  Starting tomorrow, visitors to Massachusetts from Rhode Island and the other New England states, New York and New Jersey will not be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days.  Governor Charlie Baker says that like Massachusetts, nearby states are seeing a significant drop in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations.  The northeast is currently doing better than many parts of the country coping with the coronavirus.


Needing to find a job - in a pandemic

Needing to to find a job – in a pandemic

June 30, 2020/Mary OSullivan


Many hardworking, ambitious people now find themselves jobless, some after many years of faithful and loyal service. It’s a shock, but also a circumstance out of their control. Who can control a worldwide pandemic and make it go away overnight? The reality is that it’s a circumstance that no longer fits the usual paradigms – go to college, get a job, grow your career, and reach a point of stability. Many have made sacrifices for the sake of their employers, only to be told in the retreating tide of pandemic confusion that their jobs no longer exist.


Many reasons for terminations and layoffs exist, from HR misinterpreting FFCRA rules, to businesses closing partially or fully. But the impact on employees is the same. If you’re one of them, you need to find another job and fast.


How is that possible in a pandemic? It’s a matter of following a disciplined process that puts you in front of the right person at the right time, just as in any other job search process. Only this time, it has to be more intense.


In this course, I’ll show you the six secrets recruiters don’t want you to know because they work 100% of the time. These tips can be used now, and they’re easy to do. I’ll show you how.


Encore Executive Coaching is Giving Back to our Community in Times of Crisis:


A FREE Workshop is available for anyone wanting to pivot their current job situation during this time of uncertainty.




Successful Pandemic Job Hunting during this Pandemic


For anyone who has been Laid off, Furloughed, Shut Down, due to COVID-19.


Discover the Hiring Strategies That Work 100% of the Time, even in a pandemic.


What we will do together:


Master the six secrets recruiters often tell you to use, and they work 100% of the time.


In this FREE workshop, you’ll discover how to:

1. Be more visible…

2. Make it personal…

3. Find a champion…

4. Over communicate…

5. Make the Networking rounds, virtually and in person…

6. Turn your contact list into your advocates…


So that you can land the job you want in the middle of this pandemic.


The steps are designed to help you move quickly in the right direction, without endlessly waiting for call backs.


Hard to imagine, but yes, people who have followed these steps in every case have been hired for the jobs they wanted.


Don’t miss this opportunity to brush up on your job hunting skills, and move your search forward.


When: July 15, 2020


Time: 11:30-12:30PM


How: Zoom Link sent to you once you register


The event is free – but you must register to attend. Just use the link below.


Presented by Mary T. O’Sullivan, MSOL



Editor’s Note: Mary T. O’Sullivan is a featured writer for – her business leadership articles are featured on Mondays.

RI invites citizens' involvement in planning voting

RI invites citizens’ involvement in planning voting

June 30, 2020/RINewsToday


Voting this year, regardless of how we all do it, will be a unique experience, and one that should not be undertaken lightly in the planning.

The RI Secretary of State’s office is convening a task force of state and local election officials, good government groups and members of the public from across the state to review the June 2 Presidential Primary and assess lessons learned.



The first task force meeting of the 2020 election cycle will be held virtually on Wednesday, July 1 at 11 a.m. The event will be presented live on the Department of State’s Facebook page and will have time dedicated for public comment. Some topics already slated for discussion include:

  • The mail ballot application process
  • Timing of sending mail ballots to voters
  • Voters who requested a mail ballot but did not receive one
  • Educating voters on the mail ballot process
  • Providing drop boxes in all communities
  • How voters can track the status of their ballot
  • The number of physical polling places
  • Safety at physical polling places
  • Difficulty finding poll workers


Nellie M. Gorbea, RI Secretary of State is encouraging people to get in touch with the office, even if they can’t attend the Facebook Live event. You can email with your ideas on how to improve the elections process. Your feedback will help election officials understand what worked and what needs to improve for you, the voter.


Photo: Congratulations to Isaiah Suchman, a talented HS student at The Wheeler School in Providence, winner of our ‘I Voted’ Sticker Contest! The unique Rhode Island design sticker will be given to RI voters in the Fall.


Rhode News as of 06/28/20 of 11:25am

Here is the latest news:  Reopening enters phase three tomorrow.  The latest COVID-19 data for RI is released.  A Woonsocket murder suspect is ordered held without bail.

>>Reopening Phase 3 Starts Tomorrow In RI

(Providence, RI)  --  Rhode Island is moving to phase three of reopening tomorrow.  With COVID-19 safety protocols in place, private social gatherings will be limited to 25 people indoors and 50 people outdoors.  Governor Gina Raimondo says she feels confident and safe to enter into phase three.  However, noting that cases are spiking in several states, the governor says she's asking everyone to do the right thing and continue wearing masks and to maintain social distancing. 

>>Latest COVID-19 Data For RI

(Providence, RI)  --  The COVID-19 death toll in Rhode Island is now 946.  Since Friday, there have been 19 virus-related deaths and 107 new cases.  Seventy-three people were hospitalized with 15 patients in intensive care, 14 of them on ventilators.

>>Woonsocket Murder Suspect Held Without Bail

(Providence, RI)  --  A 26-year-old Woonsocket man charged with first-degree murder is being held without bail.  No plea was entered when Paul Raposo was arraigned today for the shooting death of his 30-year-old roommate Derek Desjardin.  The victim was found dead in his apartment shortly after eight o'clock Friday morning.  

>>Murder Suspect Is Charged In Providence

(Providence, RI)  --  A 20-year-old homeless man is charged with murder in the death of a 50-year-old woman in Providence on Friday.  Investigators say Mai Jweinat surprised Isaiah Arujo as he allegedly tried to steal items inside her now-closed restaurant on Admiral Street.  The victim's son arrived at the scene and was injured in a violent struggle with Arujo.  The suspect fled but he was captured a short time later.

>>Rhode Island-Based Retailer Is Closing

(Updated)  --  Cumberland-based Ann & Hope is closing all of its Curtain and Bath Outlet stores in the next three to four months.  The company says the decision is largely based on the significant economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.  Closing sales will begin on July 9th.  There are 11 Ann & Hope locations in Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.    

>>Deadly Pedestrian Accident Victim Is Identified

(Updated)  --  The pedestrian who was struck on Route 146 in North Smithfield around 9:30 last night is now identified.  State Police say 57-year-old Raymond Mercier of Attleboro, Massachusetts, was attempting to cross the highway when he was hit.  He later died at Rhode Island Hospital.  The North Smithfield resident driving the vehicle was not hurt and police say speed or impairment do not initially appear to be factors.  


Continuing our tour of RI golf courses - Jamestown Golf Course

Continuing our tour of RI golf courses – Jamestown Golf Course

June 28, 2020/John Cardullo


by John Cardullo, sportswriter


The Jamestown Golf Couse is a little slice of heaven located on the beautiful island of Jamestown. It is a MUST play course for every weekend golfer.


This is the 3rd part of a multi-part series on the local golf courses in the state of Rhode Island by a self-admitted weekend golfer who is more of a hacker and duffer. The courses are selected randomly and played without prior knowledge of the owners and staff, so to get the experience of every golfer who plays the course.


The Jamestown Golf Course is located on the far eastern side on the island of Jamestown, Rhode Island at the foot of the Newport Bridge that looms over the course like a lurking giant looking down at the play on the course. Located at 245 Cononicus Avenue the course is located right off the last exit into Jamestown before you get on the Newport Bridge.


Pulling into the tiny parking lot you can’t help but notice the construction of what is going to be the newest addition to the course, the new clubhouse, expected to be in full use by the end of the summer. The golf course is a par 36, 3,058 yards, built in the links-style tradition. A 110-slope and a 69.7 rating. The course was built in 1895 and is one of the country’s oldest courses, built in what was a cow pasture, originally called the Conanicut Golf Club.


In 1951 the course was re-laid out to its present form and has remained the same to this day. Most visitors who came to play Jamestown originally were either wealthy locals or vacationers who traveled to Newport and could not get on the slightly older (by five years) and more prestigious, Newport Country Club. As was the case with most golf courses in the early 1900s, Jamestown was laid out on a former farm, at a time where farming and dairy businesses were going out of business as larger farms and dairies were serving the masses with a larger distribution network. This forced the owners of large parcels of land to sell off the land or get creative and build a golf course.


After paying a very reasonable greens fee, with a cart, my group headed to the first tee. Being a weekday morning there was no waiting and we were able to tee up and play away. The first hole was a par 4, 300-yard straight hole with a large green with 4 sand traps on the right side. As with most first holes on any golf course, there are no real hazards as you approach the green. I’ve come to the conclusion that the designers like to get you into a false sense of security with the first hole. After holing out with a bogey, we were on to hole #2 where things were going to get interesting very quickly!


The second hole at Jamestown is the longest hole on the course. A 541-yard par 5 with a water hazard that runs along the right side of the fairway, the fairway itself slants to the right, making the straightest drive into the middle, end up dangerously near the water. If you try to stay to the left and on top of the slant, you find that a fairway bunker may be a problem for you off the tee. My drive followed the script but ended up right on the edge before the water, and two shots later I turned a par putt into another bogey.


The course itself was in great shape and with beautiful scenery all around, it’s easy to get caught up with sightseeing, and you can’t help notice the Pell/Newport bridge in the backdrop. Moving onto hole #4, a 293 short par 4. Running in the same direction as hole #2 but with no water hazard to worry about, the openness that you have enjoyed to this point disappears, and a stray shot to the right can find its way out of bounds quickly. Three sand traps protect the front of the green with another along the back left makes you think of your landing spot on your 2nd shot. The green slopes to the right and depending on the pin location this simple “short” par four can become a nightmare. Fortunately for me, I navigated the hole and recorded my 3rd bogey of the round. So far, so good.


Hole #5 is the first par 3 on the course that at 130 yards is also the shortest hole on the course. Surrounded with four large bunkers and crosswinds that can blow even the best shots off the tee to anywhere and knock down even the best of the tee efforts, which is just what happened to my tee shot. Landing to the left in front of a sand trap on the left, a pitch and a single putt later, and I recorded my first par of the day and I was onto hole #6, the second par 5 on the course. As has been the case all year there has been that ONE hole that gives me fits, and hole #6 which is a 450 par-5 where the fairway is elevated, trees and high grass run along both sides was it. In the style of all European link style courses, the grass is left to grow waist-high, so if your ball ends up in any of these many spots on the course, it will be tough to find, as was the case for me and a groupmate. If you do happen to find your ball, a shot out of that area is almost impossible. Going in to find my ball, I was lucky because the ball was close to the edge, but I took a stroke and dropped out of the hazard, but in locating my friend’s ball I found 4 balls as a bonus. Struggling to finish the hole with an 8, there is always that one hole! We were onto the final 3 holes on the course.


Hole #7 is a 161-yard par 3 that has 5 sand traps surrounding the green. If you go too far-right you can easily get yourself into trouble. If you cannot find the middle of the fairway, then off to the left will not hurt you. Crosswinds do make you think about your club selection, and I decided to club up and found my ball on the back of the green which I two-putted for my second par of the day.


The par 4, 405-yard 8th hole is rated the hardest hole on the course. A slight dogleg left, there are two fairway bunkers that make you think of your landing spot for your 2nd shot. Pushing too far right before the corner can get you into trap #1 and make the 2nd shot very difficult, or if you decide to “cut the corner” you can find the second fairway trap just over the trees. My tee shot made the fairway, running past the first trap and giving me a nice straight second shot to the green, which has an additional 3 sand traps around it. Pulling my next shot to the left of the green, my ball landed in front of the far left trap, mis-hitting the pitch I ended up on the lip of the trap, a bump and run and a putt that managed to find the hole, I recorded another bogey and we were off to the final hole.


At the tee of hole #9, you cannot help yourself to stop and take in the view. The Newport/Pell bridge peeks down at you from directly over the green. The view is truly majestic, and you cannot help from admiring it as you tee up your ball.


The hole itself is a par 4, 375-yard perfect finishing hole. It has out of bounds to the right and a line of trees along the left. Staying near the fairway is where you want to be. As it is with every hole on the course and in the link style tradition, sand traps are located in front and on each side of the green, and I landed my drive (my longest of the day) in the middle of the fairway, and a second shot landed on the green in front of the pin but rolled behind the hole. A two-putt later and a par gave me a 44 on my scorecard and by far my best round of the 2020 season.

During the late Spring and throughout the mid Fall season, play at Jamestown is constant and busy. Tee times are encouraged for weekend play; however, they do not take tee times during the week; it is kept as 1st come 1st served tee times. They do take weekend tee time reservations as far as a week in advance. To call or to make tee times the phone number is 401-423-9930.

The staff was friendly and accommodating and in this COVID-19 era, as with the courses that we have played to this point, safety measures are in place and enforced. The clubhouse served the basics – hot dogs, chips, candy and snacks, soft drinks, and alcoholic beverages. We were unable to eat in the clubhouse, which has been the case in the courses that we have played this season.

I will give Jamestown Golf Couse an A+ rating, it is a well maintained, links-style course with enough dangers that make you think about how to play your next shot. The course has amazing scenic views and the staff was friendly and informative. I highly recommend a round at Jamestown. Be sure to check yourself for ticks when you finish your round, though.  

John Cardullo
John Cardullo, sportswriter

Rhode Island News as of 6/26/20 6.26am

>>Columbus Statue In Providence Taken Down

(Providence, RI)  --  The Christopher Columbus statue in Providence is taking at least a temporary break from public display.  Crews removed it on Thursday as Mayor Jorge Elorza announced the Special Committee for Commemorative Works will get community feedback and advise the city Board of Parks Commissioners, which will determine the statue's future.  Those who wanted the statue removed say the real history of Columbus warranted the action.  Last year on Columbus Day, a sign that said "stop celebrating genocide" was placed on the statue in the city's Elmwood neighborhood, one of several times it has been recently vandalized.

>>Burrillville Declares Itself Sanctuary From State COVID-19 Orders

(Burrillville, RI)  --  Burrillville made headlines previously for becoming the first town in Rhode Island to become a "Second Amendment sanctuary town".  Now, it's the first RI municipality to make the same declaration with the First Amendment.  The Town Council voted 5-to-2 on Wednesday to pass the resolution which was introduced in response to Governor Gina Raimondo's coronavirus executive orders and restrictions.  It asks the town police department to use discretion in enforcing the state directives and says town funds will not be spent on them.  A spokesperson for the Raimondo administration says the measures that have been taken are fully constitutional and have drastically slowed the spread of the virus.

>>Johnson And Wales Closing Two Campuses

(Providence, RI)  --  Johnson and Wales University is closing its campuses in Florida and Colorado at the end next school year.  University Chancellor Mim Runey says students at the North Miami and Denver campuses will have the option to transfer to the main campus in Providence, Rhode Island and the other one in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Runey also says JWU is working to attract a broader reach of students while maintaining its hospitality and culinary arts offerings.  She says the coronavirus pandemic was not the deciding factor in all of this.

>>Candidates Must Be Allowed To Skip In-Person Signature-Gathering

(Providence, RI)  --  A federal judge is ruling that Rhode Island must allow alternate methods of signature requirements for state legislative candidates.  Six candidates for state Senate, including incumbent Gayle Goldin, sued the RI Secretary of State, Board of Elections and the state's canvassing boards, arguing that collecting in-person signatures would put them at risk for coronavirus exposure.  The ruling indicates for this year only, the candidates must be allowed to collect signatures electronically.

>>State Republican Party Pulls Endorsement Of Senate Candidate

(Warwick, RI)  --  The Rhode Island Republican Party is revoking its endorsement of a U.S. Senate candidate.  The decision not to support Allen Waters, who is running against Democratic incumbent Jack Reed, is due to reports of Waters being involved in a domestic disturbance last year.  RI GOP chairwoman Sue Cienki says Waters will still be able to run as a Republican if he gathers the required signatures, but he will not have the backing of the party.

>>Illegal Fireworks Task Force Assembles In Providence

(Providence, RI)  --  Authorities will be looking for illegal fireworks in Providence this weekend.  The city police and fire departments are teaming up with the Rhode Island State Fire Marshal's Office on a task force in response to complaints about the activity.  Providence Police Chief Hugh Clements says an uptick in illegal fireworks is connected to the cancellation of many displays and other celebrations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rhode Island News as of 06/25/20 of 7:58am

24/7 News Source 06/25/2020 07:57:21
Rhode Island Summary PM (1)

>>The Latest

(Undated)  --  Here is the latest news:  A nursing home in Providence is closing.  A Warwick man is sentenced for a deadly pedestrian accident.  A MA man jumps from a steep ledge in Tiverton.

>>A Nursing Home In Providence Is Closing

(Providence, RI)  --  A nursing home on the East Side of Providence is going to shut down by the end of August.  A spokesperson for the Hallworth House cites the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the facility which was already struggling financially.  A dozen of the 19 residents who tested positive for COVID-19 have died.  Administrators are working with families and the state Department of Health to relocate the 23 current residents. 

>>Driver Sentenced For Deadly Pedestrian Accident

(Undated)  --  A Warwick man is sentenced for his role in a deadly pedestrian accident three years ago.  WJAR-TV reports Marshall Howard faces a three year suspended sentence, three years probation and he's ordered to get substance abuse and mental health counseling.  He was convicted in February of drug possession but a DUI death resulting charge was dismissed by a judge.  David Bustin was fatally injured as he walked on Main Avenue in May of 2017. 

>>Man Jumps From Steep Ledge In Tiverton

(Tiverton, RI)  --  An 18-year-old Fall River Massachusetts is being treated for serious injuries after police say he jumped from a 50-to-60 foot ledge along Route 24 in Tiverton.  The Newport Daily News reports he was with friends atop Blueberry Hill early Tuesday night when he reportedly made suicidal comments.  The man was listed in stable condition yesterday at Rhode Island Hospital. 

>>East Providence Is Opening A Dog Park

(East Providence, RI)  --  East Providence is going to open its first dog park.   It will be located near Hunts Mills in the city's Rumford neighborhood.  The park is only for East Providence residents who will need to get a dog park permit.  An official opening date has not yet been announced. 

>>Red Sox Player Tested Positive For COVID-19

(Boston, MA)  --  The Red Sox say an unnamed player has tested positive for the coronavirus.  A club spokesman says he was exposed in his hometown and he's recovering. A shortened major league baseball season is expected to start in late July.


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