Bruce Newbury
Bruce Newbury
9:00am - 12:00pm
Talk of the Town w/ Bruce Newbury


The Morning Report w/ Bobb Angel
Monday 06:00am - 09:00am Bobb Angel
Tuesday 06:00am - 09:00am Bobb Angel
Wednesday 06:00am - 09:00am Bobb Angel
Thursday 06:00am - 09:00am Bobb Angel
Friday 06:00am - 09:00am Bobb Angel
Talk of the Town w/ Bruce Newbury
Monday 09:00am - 12:00pm Bruce Newbury
Tuesday 09:00am - 12:00pm Bruce Newbury
Wednesday 09:00am - 12:00pm Bruce Newbury
Thursday 09:00am - 12:00pm Bruce Newbury
Friday 09:00am - 12:00pm Bruce Newbury
ABC National News and WADK Local News
Monday 12:00am - 12:00am
Tuesday 12:00am - 12:00am
Wednesday 12:00am - 12:00am
Thursday 12:00am - 12:00am
Friday 12:00am - 12:00am
Business Talk with Jim Campbell
Monday 01:00pm - 02:00pm Jim Campbell
Tuesday 01:00pm - 02:00pm Jim Campbell
Wednesday 01:00pm - 02:00pm Jim Campbell
Thursday 01:00pm - 02:00pm Jim Campbell
Friday 01:00pm - 02:00pm Jim Campbell
The Frankie Boyer Show
Monday 02:00pm - 04:00pm Frankie Boyer
Tuesday 02:00pm - 04:00pm Frankie Boyer
Wednesday 02:00pm - 04:00pm Frankie Boyer
Thursday 02:00pm - 04:00pm Frankie Boyer
Friday 02:00pm - 04:00pm Frankie Boyer
The CEO Show w/ Robert Reiss
Monday 05:00pm - 06:00pm Robert Reiss
Monday 05:00am - 06:00am Robert Reiss
Tuesday 05:00pm - 06:00pm Robert Reiss
Tuesday 05:00am - 06:00am Robert Reiss
Wednesday 05:00pm - 06:00pm Robert Reiss
Wednesday 05:00am - 06:00am Robert Reiss
Thursday 05:00pm - 06:00pm Robert Reiss
Thursday 05:00am - 06:00am Robert Reiss
Friday 05:00pm - 06:00pm Robert Reiss
Friday 05:00am - 06:00am Robert Reiss
The Big Ticket
Monday 04:00pm - 05:00pm Teddy Horan
Tuesday 04:00pm - 05:00pm Teddy Horan
Wednesday 04:00pm - 05:00pm Teddy Horan
Thursday 04:00pm - 05:00pm Teddy Horan
Friday 04:00pm - 05:00pm Teddy Horan
Talking Birds with Ray Brown
Saturday 07:30am - 08:00am Ray Brown
Dining Out w/ Bruce Newbury
Saturday 11:00am - 01:00pm Bruce Newbury
Under the Hood
Saturday 09:00am - 11:00am Motor Medics
Saturday 03:00pm - 05:00pm RMWorldTravel
The Money Pit Home Improvement Radio Show
Saturday 05:00pm - 06:00pm The Money Pit Hosts
ABC's World News This Week
Sunday 07:00am - 07:30am
Saturday 08:30am - 09:00am
Sunday 07:30am - 08:00am
The Irish Hour w/ Rick Kelly
Sunday 08:00am - 09:00am Rick Kelly
Sunday Swingtime w/ Bobb Angel
Sunday 10:00am - 11:00am Bobb Angel
Saturday 07:00am - 07:30am Steve Conti
Sunday 09:00am - 10:00am Steve Conti
Sunday 11:00am - 06:00pm Steve Conti
WADK Encore
Monday 06:00pm - 06:00am
Tuesday 06:00pm - 06:00am
Wednesday 06:00pm - 06:00am
Thursday 06:00pm - 06:00am
Friday 06:00pm - 06:00am
Saturday 06:00pm - 06:00am
Sunday 06:00pm - 06:00am



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