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Straight Talk Money - Mike Robertson, Chase Robertson, and Peggy Tuck
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Frankie Boyer

Frankie is an impassioned voice for everyone searching for useful insights and information on traditional and alternative approaches to lifestyle, healthcare and wellbeing. She’s committed to spreading sound advice from experts—to educate listeners on how to take personal responsibility for their own health and graceful aging. Whether it be the dangers of environmental toxins or a mindset that can help through difficult times, Frankie will expose them to new ideas and new approaches that enhance their quality of life. Mixing common sense and uncommon insights, her show is heard by thousands nationwide both weekdays and on weekends.

Frankie’s mission began many years ago as she watched several friends and family members die unnecessarily from various ailments. The show is a forum for Frankie to direct people toward making proactive changes in their lives mentally, physically, and spiritually. Frankie seeks to find the underlying causes for our diseases: superficial band aids no longer cut the mustard. Armed with knowledge, tips, and insights, Frankie empowers people to live healthy and vital lives.

Frankie has attracted an impressive list of thousands of guests on her show. Whether those guests are fitness gurus, doctors, or well-known people such as Dr. Andrew Weil, Deepak Chopra, Suzanne Somers, or Dr. Wayne Dyer, listeners are sure to be involved in a wide range of health and lifestyle topics. The resulting conversations are insightful, inspiring and lively. Frankie is naturally curious, and asks the questions her audience wants answered. Also, listeners can call in directly with questions and comments for Frankie and her guests.

In addition to her award-winning health show, Frankie has added a new lifestyle magazine radio program. Imagine a diverse and broad range of topics from money, movies & celebrity news, timely male and female issues to longevity and health, spirituality, and the environment—all with the inquisitive, thought-provoking and authentic Frankie Boyer vibrancy. In the meantime, please enjoy some of Frankie's artwork.

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