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Veronika Ryabova/iStock(LONDON) — An amateur Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter has died after suffering a brain injury during a fight in the U.K.

Saeideh Aletaha, 26, was taking part in a “Fast and Furious Fight Series” event in the city of Southampton on Saturday when she sustained a life-threatening brain injury.

An ambulance was called to the city’s Central Hall venue shortly before 9 p.m. local time (4 p.m. ET), responding to a report that a participant at the event had collapsed.

Aletaha was taken to Southampton General Hospital but died the following day, Hampshire police said in a statement.

Lookborai gym, where Aletaha trained, said in a Facebook post that she was “a lovely character with a beautiful soul. Her dedication to the sport was 110% traveling miles every day just to train.”

"This news comes as a devastating blow to us all at the gym and the whole community. Our thoughts and [prayers] go out to her family."

Members of a Crossfit gym, of which Aletaha was a member, posted an online tribute, saying "well-liked doesn’t do her justice." It added that 30 friends had visited her in hospital before she died.

The event’s organizers said their “thoughts of course go out to all family, friends and team mates,”

“All competitors [are] prepared that they may be injured and this is something not expected to happen 99.9% of the time.

“But, it can and ... we make the environment as safe as possible with pre and post medicals from a doctor.”

They asked anyone who needed support as a result of Aletaha’s death to contact them.

Hampshire Police said in a statement: "We were called shortly before 1 a.m. on Sunday 17 November by colleagues at Southampton General Hospital informing us of a woman who was being treated in hospital for a life threatening brain injury.The woman, aged 26, died in hospital later that day."

Police said investigations into events surrounding the death were ongoing.

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Janet Weinstein/ABC News(CHARLOTTE, N.C.) -- The sound of drills is deafening, but the careful choreography of hurried tire-changing puts everyone on the track into their own quiet Zen.

"My heart's like: 'Boom boom, boom boom," NASCAR rear-tire changer, Brehanna Daniels, told ABC News. "If there is a wheel rolling down pit road, that it'll be my fault, and I'm fired."

Once practice ends, Daniels and her team members whip off their helmets to talk, a motion that quietly reveals that she’s the only woman in the pit.

“Anything a guy can do, we can do -- probably do a little better too!” she joked.

“I'm never complacent,” she added. “I'm going to keep doing whatever I can to be great.”

And "great" she already is. In 2019, Daniels became one of the first women in NASCAR history to pit at the Daytona 500. She is also the first African American female pit crew member to compete at a national series.

“I'm doing something that’s not just for myself but it's much bigger than me,” she said. “I'd like to see NASCAR as multiple faces and not just one.”

Daniels said she never initially set out to get into the race car game. She played basketball for Norfolk State University on a full scholarship and had no interest in NASCAR until she heard there were tryouts on campus.

“Something told me, like, you have to go to this NASCAR trial,” she remembered. “It was like God told me, like: ‘Brianna you have to do this.’”

She said she was the only woman to try out in the trial, which eventually led her to a spot on NASCAR’s "Drive for Diversity" program.

“They were specifically recruiting athletes,” she remembered. Considering how heavy the tires are and how valuable speed is, athletic conditioning is key. Tires can range between 65-75 pounds.

In stark contrast to the intensity of her daily job, every night Daniels sinks quietly into her journals. She has been journaling every day since she was a little girl. She has over a dozen journals stacked up, all different colors, sizes and shapes, all filled with life-altering moments as well as mundane middle school gossip. She smiles as she flips through one, remembering her first college basketball game.

“Journaling is very therapeutic to me -- like we have best friends that we can talk to, you know, talk to about stuff that's gone on our lives. But you don't always tell them every single thing,” she says. “It's like everything's bottled up inside. I'm slowly releasing it as I'm writing it down on paper.”

She credits her mom for getting her into writing -- a routine that grew more important to Daniels after losing her mother to breast cancer when she was 14 years old.

“She was a real trooper, you know,” she said. “She was like Superwoman to me.”

Back at the pit, Daniels joked around with the other male team members, even lightly punching one in the arms as they run laps.

“She’s basically one of the guys out here,” said NASCAR tire carrier and teammate, Ernesto Holden. “We treat her the same way we treat the other guys.”

But for Daniels, she said she strives for more.

“I always thought that name looked good on TV,” Daniels said with a smile. “One day everybody will know who Brehanna Daniels is.”

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iStock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Monday's sports events:

New York 123, Cleveland 105
Indiana 115, Brooklyn 86
Toronto 132, Charlotte 96
Milwaukee 115, Chicago 101
Houston 132, Portland 108
Dallas 117, San Antonio 110
Boston 99, Phoenix 85
Minnesota 112, Utah 102
L.A. Clippers 90, Oklahoma City 88

Washington 5, Anaheim 2
Arizona 3, Los Angeles 0

Kansas City 24, L.A. Chargers 17

Michigan St. 94, Charleston Southern 46
Kentucky 82, Utah Valley 74
Auburn 91, Colgate 62
Ohio St. 86, Stetson 51
Colorado 69, UC Irvine 53
Utah St. 82, UTSA 50

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iStock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Sunday's sports events:

Philadelphia 114, Cleveland 95
Sacramento 100, Boston 99
Denver 131, Memphis 114
Orlando 125, Washington 121
New Orleans 108, Golden State 100
L.A. Lakers 122, Atlanta 101

Chicago 4, Buffalo 1
Vegas 6, Calgary 0

Dallas 35, Detroit 27
Indianapolis 33, Jacksonville 13
Minnesota 27, Denver 23
Baltimore 41, Houston 7
NY Jets 34, Washington 17
Atlanta 29, Carolina 3
Buffalo 37, Miami 20
New Orleans 34, Tampa Bay 17
San Francisco 36, Arizona 26
New England 17, Philadelphia 10
Oakland 17, Cincinnati 10
L.A. Rams 17, Chicago 7

Arizona 83, New Mexico St. 53
UConn 62, Florida 59
Seton Hall 83, Saint Louis 66
Louisville 87, NC Central 58
Oregon 67, Texas-Arlington 47
Saint Mary's (Cal) 79, Cal Poly 48

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Photo by Scott Clarke / ESPN Images(ATLANTA) -- Colin Kaepernick called an audible on Saturday, moving the time and location of his scheduled workout for representatives of more than 20 NFL teams, after the NFL refused to accommodate some of his requests.

In a statement released by his representatives, Kaepernick said the new workout will be held at 4pm instead of 3pm, and will take place at a different location in Atlanta.

"From the outset, Mr. Kaepernick requested a legitimate process and from the outset the NFL league office has not provided one," the statement reads. "Most recently, the NFL has demanded that as a precondition to the workout, Mr. Kaepernick sign an unusual liability waiver that addresses employment-related issues and rejected the standard liability waiver from physical injury proposed by Mr. Kaepernick's representatives."

The statement says that the NFL also rejected Kaepernick's request to allow all media into the workout for the purpose of "transparency."

In their response, the league said it is "disappointed" that Kaepernick didn't appear for the scheduled event, saying he informed the NFL that of his plans at 2:30pm.

"Today's session was designed to give Colin what he has consistently said he wants - an opportunity to show his football readiness and desire to return to the NFL," the league said.

The NFL also notes that 25 teams were present for the league-sanctioned event. The league also said it agreed to allow Nike to shoot an advertisement featuring Kaepernick and mentioning the teams in attendance at the event, had allowed Kaepernick's representatives to suggest interview questions, allowed Kaepernick to bring his own receivers for the workout, and gave Kaepernick's team input on drills that he would run.

The league said, however, his new workout won't affect his future in the NFL.

"Colin's decision has no effect on his status in the League. He remains an unrestricted free agent eligible to sign with any club," the NFL said in a statement.

After moving to the new venue, a high school about 60 miles away from an Atlanta Falcons facility, it was unclear how many scouts and teams were in attendance, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

One NFL executive who was at the workout told ESPN's Adam Schefter that Kaepernick's arm talent was "elite," and very similar to how it looked when Kaepernick was drafted.

After the workout, Kaepernick told reporters that he's been ready for this opportunity for three years.

"I've been denied for three years. We all know why I came out here, showed it today in front of everybody. We have nothing to hide," he said. "So, we're waiting for the 32 owners, 32 teams, Roger Goodell, all of them to stop running. Stop running from the truth. Stop running from the people."

"My agent, Jeff Nalley, is ready to talk to any team," Kaepernick added. "I [will] interview with any team at any time."

Kaepernick thanked his supporters but did not take questions.

Kaepernick has not played in the NFL since 2016, the year he began kneeling during the national anthem to protest police violence and racial injustice.

The 32-year-old quarterback has noted previous concerns about the way the workout was arranged. He claimed he was only informed that the league planned to hold the event on Tuesday, and when his representatives requested that the workout be scheduled for a day that would allow NFL executives and coaches to more easily attend, the league rejected that idea.

He also said that the league refused to provide him with a list of team representatives who planned to attend.

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Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images(TUSCALOOSA, Ala.) -- Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa will miss the rest of the season after suffering a dislocated hip with a posterior wall fractureduring Saturday's game against Mississippi State. He was later airlifted to Birmingham for CAT scans and MRIs.

Doctors are continuing to evaluate the severity of the injury.

With three minutes left in the first half, Tagovailoa was taken down by a pair of MSU defenders. He was unable to put pressure on his right leg as trainers helped him to his feet.

He also suffered a bloody nose on the play.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban told ESPN's Molly McGrath that Tagovailoa was set to come out of the game following that drive. Saban had kept him in the game to practice a two-minute drill.

Alabam was leading 35-7 at the time.

"We've got to block them better so he doesn't get sacked," Saban added. "It's too bad."

McGrath reported that Tagovailoa was screaming in pain as he was lifted onto the cart.

Saban later called the injury "probably something that could be serious."

Tagovailoa was considered a serious contender for the Heisman Trophy this season, and could be a top-10 pick in next year's NFL Draft. Earlier this year he missed one game after undergoing surgery on an ankle injury.

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iStock(NEW YORK) -- Four New Jersey men and a juvenile were arrested after shots rang out during a football game at Pleasantville High School Friday night, sending players and spectators running for cover, Atlantic County Prosecutors announced on Saturday.

Ibn Abdullah is in stable condition after undergoing surgery and a 10-year-old boy was last listed in critical condition, authorities said. A 15-year-old boy who suffered a graze wound was treated and released from a nearby hospital.

Atlantic County Prosecutor Damon Tyner said in a press release that 31-year-old Alvin Wyatt was arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder, unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of a weapon for an unlawful purpose. Michael Mack, 27; Tyrell Dorn, 28; Shahid Dixon, 27 and Vance Golden, 26, were also charged connected to the shootings and are charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and certain persons not to posses a weapon.

Authorities have not released the identity of the alleged juvenile offender.

The suspects were all spectators at the Friday night game between Camden High and Pleasantville. During the third quarter witnesses said shots were fired in the spectator stands.

The shooting, at Pleasantville High School near Atlantic City, continues a nationwide trend of shootings at or around high school football games that stretches back to at least August.

"Unlike some of the shootings that have occurred on school premises throughout the country, this incident had nothing to do with the students of Pleasantville High School or Camden High School," said Tyner. "The venue simply presented an opportunity for criminals to pursue their own form of petty vengeance against one another. As a result, an innocent child was caught and injured in their crossfire. Our community will not be held hostage by a few idiots intent on jeopardizing our safety and the safety of our children.”

At least a half a dozen shots were fired, according to witnesses who spoke to Philadelphia ABC station WPVI.

Video from the scene showed spectators running for safety as players and referees sought cover by lying down on the field.

After the shooting, Dixon, Dorn, Golden and Mack allegedly fled the scene in a car without headlights on, prosecutors said. An officer from the Absecon Police Department attempted to stop the vehicle and saw a firearm get thrown out the window onto the Route 30 Bridge. The car eventually stopped and the quartet were arrested.

"When the shooting happened, it was mayhem," said eyewitness Jonathan Diego. "I mean, it literally was just people coming in waves, running away from the right-hand side of the field towards the high school. And I think part of the fence was actually busted down from bodies of people just going over the fence. And there was just a lot of people afraid. There were kids getting separated from their parents running around the field."

"High school playoff football should be a cause for community celebration, not the backdrop for panic and terror," New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said in a statement. "I am grateful for the lifesaving, swift actions of first responders to tend to the wounded, and our prayers are with the victims for a swift recovery."

The 10-year-old boy was taken by emergency crews to an area hospital and later transferred to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in serious condition, WPVI reported.

"We're doing everything that we can to make sure that their families and them are getting the medical care that they need," Pleasantville Police Chief Sean Riggin said.

Abdullah, 27, who was the intended target of the shooting, was charged separately with unlawful possession of a handgun because he is a felony offender and is not permitted to carry a gun, police and prosecutors said at a press conference on Saturday afternoon.

An investigation is underway and the police have already received valuable assistance from the community, Riggin added.

The game was suspended following the incident.

Afterward, officials with the Camden City School District said that no Camden students were injured in the shooting.

"We are able to confirm that no Camden High students were injured or otherwise harmed during the incident," officials said on the school district's Twitter account.

The shooting comes two months after two teens were shot during a football game at Philadelphia's Simon Gratz High School.

That shooting, on Sept. 20, marked at least the fifth week in a row that a shooting had taken place during a high school football game in the U.S.

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iStock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from yesterday's sports events:

Charlotte 109, Detroit 106
Orlando 111, San Antonio 109
Houston 111, Indiana 102
Memphis 107, Utah 106
Washington 137, Minnesota 116
Oklahoma City 127, Philadelphia 119 F/OT
Boston 105, Golden State 100
L.A. Lakers 99, Sacramento 97

Columbus 3, St. Louis 2 F/OT
New Jersey 2, Pittsburgh 1
Boston 4, Toronto 2
Montreal 5, Washington 2
Ottawa 2, Philadelphia 1

(22)Auburn 116, CS Northridge 70
(2)Duke 74, Georgia St. 63
(21)Xavier 59, Missouri St. 56
(5)Kansas 112, Monmouth (NJ) 57
(4)Baylor 72, Texas State 63
(6)North Carolina 77, Gardner-Webb 61
(8)Gonzaga 79, Texas A&M 49
(17)Utah St. 81, NC A&T 54

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iStock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Thursday's sports events:

Miami 108, Cleveland 97
Milwaukee 124, Chicago 115
New Orleans 132, L.A. Clippers 127
New York 106, Dallas 103
Phoenix 128, Atlanta 112
Denver 101, Brooklyn 93

Carolina 5, Buffalo 4 -- OT
Winnipeg 4, Florida 3
Tampa Bay 9, NY Rangers 3
Minnesota 3, Arizona 2
Edmonton 6, Colorado 2
San Jose 5, Anaheim 3
Dallas 4, Vancouver 2
Los Angeles 3, Detroit 2 -- OT

Cleveland 21, Pittsburgh 7

Florida 66, Towson 60
Arizona 87, San Jose St. 39
Michigan St. 76, Seton Hall 73
Saint Mary's (Cal) 81, Long Beach St. 63

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33ft/iStock(NEW YORK) -- After allegations surfaced that the 2017 Houston Astros engaged in illegal sign stealing, Major League Baseball is reportedly expected to expand its investigation to determine whether other teams did the same.

Citing sources familiar with the situation, ESPN reports the league is planning to look into the 2019 Astros and has already contacted Houston and the Boston Red Sox. The sources said MLB plans to interview Astros manager AJ Hinch, Red Sox manager Alex Cora and New York Mets manager Carlos Beltran, all of whom were a part of the 2017 Astros.

The investigation kicked off after Mike Fiers, a former pitcher for Houston, told The Athletic that the 2017 Astros used footage from a camera in center-field to steal signs and help its batters.

Now, the report is bringing into question what methods may have been used by those involved in the last few World Series, sources told ESPN.

The Astros won the World Series in 2017 and made it into the finals this year, losing the championship to the Washington Nationals. Cora and the Red Sox, meanwhile, won the World Series in 2018.

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